The spice store in Torvehallerne

In September 2011 we opened the first ASA Spice store in Copenhagen’s market halls Torvehallerne. Since then we’ve added an online spice store that you’ll find here on our website and three ASA Spice stores in India.

You’re always more than welcome to stop by for a chai, a chat and a sample. We are happy to help you with guidance and advice on how to use our spices and make exciting meals at a reasonable price. We are all experienced spice users and know, which spices best suit the specific needs you have, and are pleased to come up with ideas and inspiration, when you’re on the lookout for some some fresh air in your kitchen.

The biggest difference between our store in Torvehallerne and our webshop here on the site, is the lack of scent. When you visit us in Copenhagen, you will immediately be enveloped in scent that brings the world to your nostrils. Come by and breathe in the air of foreign countries, near and far. Oregano from Italy and juniper berries from Lapland in Sweden, cinnamon from Sri Lanka and cocoa from Columbia. We look forward to meeting you and share our joy in the enchanting world of spices with you.

Why should I use spices

We love the aroma, taste and colours that help to enhance the experience of a meal. Spices highlight not only the taste of food, but also the company it is consumed with and how you prepare the dishes. Spices can make us remember and bring back childhood experiences or a journey. The taste of cinnamon brings back Christmas, and when we poke our noses into a bag of rosemary, we immediately get the feeling of a hot summer day in the South of France. ‘To spice up life…’ one says. That's exactly what we want with AŠA Spice

Our team

We could not do all this without our staff. Several of them have been with us since the beginning / for many years and each of their unique background, contributes to the spice mix of nationalities, cultural backgrounds and personalities that together make up ASA Spice and which ensures a huge collective experience with spices. It is our employees who make it possible for us to provide you with the best possible service and offer the most interesting and relevant spices, as well as the latest exciting blends.