When you buy spices at AŠA Spice you can be assured of high organic quality, produced in sustainable and socially responsible manner. It is important for us that our seasoning has just the right taste, smell and color, and that is why we acquire so far as possible, directly from the manufacturers. After having imported the spices tests and we select the best to churn, mix, or sell all in bulk to our customers.


We love to travel

ASA Spice is founded by British Julian Amery and Danish Liv after they met on a trip to Nepal. At ASA Spice we love to travel, and when we use spices in our cooking, they take us on a journey from our kitchen to far-flung destinations around the world or down memory-lane. We have created several unique spice blends that enhance the flavours in your food and bring out the best ambience for your meals. We are always pleased to help you if you need advice or inspiration on how to use a certain spice or how to get the right taste in your dishes. ASA is pronounced ‘asha’ and is hindi for ‘hope.’


Socially concious spices

Social consciousness is important to ASA Spice. We are as conscious about the way the spices are produced as we are passionate about their flavour and aroma. That is why we only import spices of the finest organic quality made in a socially responsible way. We primarily buy our spices directly from the producers and always in a fair trade relationship, where we make sure to give our suppliers a fair price for a fine and sustainable product. We believe that people who are payed fairly, treated well and has good working conditions generally will feel pride in their work and make products of high quality. A large part of our profit is used to establish and promote projects that are dedicated to creating real and sustainably improved conditions for some of the poorest people on the planet.